What are the benefits of participation in VII MAFS Conference, 1st IAOFO Meeting, 1st GAFS Meeting, WIC 2018? 

1. Knowledge and experience gained on the conference as world-wide experts and organizers participate in it (Materials of Conference will be publish;
2. Rapprochement of experts and sharing the news (methods, apparatus, etc.) existing in the sphere of forensic science;
3. Excellent working and rest conditions;
4. Low registration and accommodation fees;

All accepted papers will be published in the prestigious Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences (Springer).

Deadline for abstracts submission is 18th March 2018.


Please note that these prices will be in effect if the confirmation (deposit funds) will be made no later than  February 31, 2018.

Gala Dinner – $ 25 per person 

Gala Dinner in the restaurant “Chashnagiri”





5. Excursions in the old capital of Georgia Mtskheta and  in  Tbilisi ;

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6. And finally, the most beautiful country and hospitable people.


Prices of excursions in Tbilisi and  in the old capital of Georgia Mtskheta – 50USD per person (include lunch).